Hokkaido University and Hitachi, Ltd. have opened the Hitachi Hokkaido University Lab in Hokkaido University.Promote joint research to solve social issues such as the declining population, declining birthrate and aging population, stagnation of the local economy, and global warming that Hokkaido faces.

 According to Hokkaido University, both sides will replace social issues with mathematical models and promote the development of computer technology based on new concepts that derive optimal solutions.Furthermore, we will analyze the impact of global warming on the Hokkaido economy from various angles and seek out the direction that the regional economy should aim for.

 Through such research, we will build an ecosystem that can constantly create innovations in response to the social issues facing Hokkaido, and proceed with demonstration experiments in Hokkaido.In this way, the government wants to realize an ultra-smart society (* 1).

 Due to the declining birthrate and aging population and the outflow of young people from Hokkaido, the population of Hokkaido has been declining for four consecutive years, falling into the second highest rate of population decline in Japan.The concentration of people in Sapporo is increasing, and the depopulation and aging of rural areas are becoming more serious.In addition, environmental problems such as global warming have emerged as major issues for agriculture and fisheries.

* 1 Ultra-smart society A society that can provide the necessary goods and services to the people who need them, when they need them, as much as they need, and to respond to the various needs of society in detail.

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