The Nuclear Human Resources Development Working Group of the Nuclear Science and Technology Committee considers the current situation of the shortage of human resources specializing in the nuclear field as a problem, and focuses on promoting human resources development as a united government and strengthening support for existing research facilities. An interim report was set out.

 According to the interim report, the shortage of human resources in the fields related to nuclear power is gradually increasing.For example, in the past, national universities and graduate schools had departments and majors in nuclear engineering, nuclear engineering, etc., but many of these have been renamed or reorganized.

 The number of students advancing to nuclear-related departments and majors has decreased after the 2011 TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station accident, and the number of university faculty members specializing in the nuclear field continues to decrease.Research reactors that train human resources in the nuclear field have also stopped due to compliance with new regulatory standards.On the other hand, in the nuclear power field, there are many issues such as decommissioning of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, efforts for the nuclear fuel cycle, and efforts to achieve a nuclear dependence of 2030 to 20% in the power source composition in 22. ..

 For this reason, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology will grasp the quality and quantity of human resources required in Japan, while promoting the development of human resources as a united government and strengthening support for research institutes that are advancing compliance with new regulatory standards. Should be.In the working group, the committee members said, "The first decision is to grasp the needs from both the quality and quantity of the necessary human resources," "there is an urgent need for university faculty members who specialize in furnace physics," and "human exchange between the university and industry." It's a problem. "

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