The Kanda Foreign Language Group conducted a questionnaire survey to all the entries of the 9th "National Student English Presentation Contest", which is a co-sponsored event with the Yomiuri Shimbun, with the aim of improving the quality of future tournament management.A part of the aggregated result was released.

 The contest secretariat will give various voices of students who are aware of the problem by taking a questionnaire to all the students who entered the contest while many classes and internships are still being held online due to the corona virus. We thought that we could hear it, so we conducted a survey of 1,077 university students from all over the country who entered, and collected the responses from 275 students.The questionnaire survey started in 1, the first competition, but this is the first time that it has been conducted for all entries.

 According to the survey, the most common reason for participating in this contest was "I wanted to test my English skills" at 69.1%, an increase of 1.4 times compared to the average year.It is thought that the background is the decrease in the number of places to test English proficiency due to the corona sickness.Next, "I wanted to further improve my English skills through the contest" 58.5%, "I wanted to experience a presentation in front of a large number of people" 45.5%, and I want to improve my English skills and my own potential without being influenced by Corona. It turned out that there are students all over the country who think that, and the result shows the strength of Japanese students.

 Of the three themes, the most selected was "Proposing the ideal way of education necessary for the future" 3%.The reasons for choosing it were "because I felt it was closest to me", "because I felt that the current education was insufficient due to the influence of corona", and "because I thought that corona would diversify the school's education system". Opinions such as were raised.

 In addition, more than 4% of the students answered that they were "satisfied" with the second qualifying held online, but 2% felt that they were "demonstrating their abilities" and "could not." The opinion was polarized with 48%.52% of the students felt a difference in the way they gave presentations, and many of the reasons were "hidden gestures," "cannot make eye contact," and "difficult to see the reaction of the audience." The challenges in holding the event became clear.

 The "National Student English Presentation Contest" has been held since 2012 as a place to improve the skills of students who are expected to play an active role in the global society.Entry applicants choose one of the three themes and apply.In the usual year, the second qualifying round and the final round (final) will be presented face-to-face, but this time due to Corona, the second qualifying round will be held online using Zoom, and only the final round (final) will be held face-to-face. became.

Reference: [Kanda University of International Studies] Partial release of questionnaire results on student life in the new coronavirus disaster-Aggregated for XNUMXth National Student English Presentation Contest Entry-

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