In October 2020, Juntendo University's Faculty of Sport and Health Science conducted a web survey on physical fitness and physical fitness tests for first-year students enrolled in the same department, and exercise and sports implementation status for all students from 10st to 1th grade. Was carried out.

 Since 1969, Juntendo University's Faculty of Sport and Health Science has been measuring physique and physical fitness (accumulated physique and physical fitness) for all students of the same department every year, and has accumulated basic physical fitness and morphological data for sports university students. .. In 2020, the epidemic of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) is different from the usual year, and the social value of investigating the effects of COVID-19 on students' physique, physical fitness, exercise, and sports implementation, etc. In view of the above, a new Web survey item was added for changes related to exercise, sports activities, eating habits, etc. before and during the emergency declaration period, and the survey was conducted by limiting the subjects of on-site measurement to first graders.

 In physique / physical fitness measurement, weight, grip strength, standing width jump / repeated laterality are measured. In 2020, the dormitory was set at the end of August, and it was expected that the start of activities would be delayed for about 8 months from the usual year, and the physical strength would decline, but the difference in physique and physical strength between 5 and this year was not so large.The reason for this is that more than 2019% of the students voluntarily engaged in exercise / sports, although more than half of the students felt that their strength and endurance had declined during the period of the state of emergency. It is probable that he was able to maintain and recover his physical strength by participating in activities such as sports clubs and clubs after moving into the dormitory. (Target: 80st year student of Faculty of Sport and Health Science / 1 males / 253 females / participation rate: 166%)

 In addition, according to a Web survey, the activities of sports clubs and clubs using facilities inside and outside the university were completely prohibited during the period of emergency declaration (April to May). , 4% (male 5%, female 84.3%) were exercising voluntarily in the limited environment at or around their home (85.2 days a week on average).During the period of the state of emergency, more than 83.0% of the respondents said that the amount, intensity, content, and environment of exercise / training decreased, decreased, or deteriorated.More than 3% of the students felt that their strength and endurance had declined, while less than half of the students felt that their coordination and flexibility had declined.Therefore, it is possible that restrictions on exercise and sports activities during the state of emergency were more influential in reducing muscle strength and endurance than in coordination and flexibility.


Paper information:[Juntendo Sports Health Science Research Vol. 12] Juntendo Sports Health Science Research Vol. 12 Supplement 2021 (early release)
Study on Cumulative measurement of physical fitness at Juntendo University, 2020 (COVID-19-related report) (2020 Juntendo University Physical Fitness at Juntendo University Report) (PDF)

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