The Japan Institute of the Moving Image will hold the annual "Children's Film University-Summer Vacation Filmmaking-" for elementary school students living and studying in Asao Ward for four days from August 2016th to 8th, 17.Providing opportunities for active learning through industry-government-academia collaboration.

 Since its opening in 2011, the Japan Institute of the Moving Image has been co-sponsoring the "Children's Film University" in August every year with the Asao Ward Office Area Mimamori Center in Kawasaki City and Aeon Cinema Shinyurigaoka. At "Children's Film University," university students studying movies and 8 local elementary school students think together through filmmaking, and cultivate independence and growth through teamwork and mutual communication. Government, education, and industry are integrated. The regional cooperation education program that became.The screening was held on the university campus until last year, but due to the great success, the venue will be moved to the first cinema complex theater from 40.

The university students who teach are 3rd and 4th grade students who take "Cineliteracy Studies" at the Japan Institute of the Moving Image.In the process of working together with elementary school students from the production process to completion and presentation, it is a XNUMX-day intensive summer practice class where you can experience and learn from each other by experiencing the expression method as a movie, the process of thinking, its fun, teamwork, and tasks. It is also a valuable opportunity for active learning to put what you have learned into practice.

The movie produced at "Children's Film University" will be screened at Aeon Cinema Shinyurigaoka on the final day.

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