Professor Waka Ogata of the Information and Communication System, Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, in collaboration with the National Research and Development Corporation, Information and Communication Research Organization, guarantees information-theoretic security in all three processes of user authentication, information transmission, and storage. The world's first successful demonstration experiment of a "distributed storage system".

 In this demonstration experiment, information and communication research was conducted on a distributed network using a typical secret sharing method "Shamir's (k, n) threshold secret sharing method" that enables secure data storage. Implemented on the "quantum key distribution network" operated by the Organization, which enables completely confidential communication.In addition, we have also implemented a password distribution protocol unique to Tokyo Institute of Technology and the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, which enables secure user authentication with just one password.

 As a result, in the process of user authentication, information transmission, and storage, it is said that it succeeded for the first time in the world in demonstrating a distributed system that is information-theoretically safe and has no risk of information leakage for a long period of time.

 Behind this research is the fact that some of the ciphers used on the Internet may have already been broken, as known by leak information by former NSA / CIA employee Snowden. In an era when national security information is stored on the Internet, there is an urgent need to establish a distributed storage system that can guarantee safety over a long period of time.

 In the future, we will improve the processing capacity of distributed storage so that it can process a larger amount of data at high speed, and by verifying the availability of the network over a long period of time, we will promote the development of a system that can withstand actual use.Furthermore, it is said that it will proceed with the development of new applications such as secure data relay using the developed system.The results of this study were published in the electronic version of the British scientific journal "Scientific Reports" on July 2016, 7 local time.

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