A research group led by Senior Associate Professor Yoshifumi Tamura of Juntendo University's graduate school found that low levels of "fat storage function" and "adiponectin concentration", which are indicators of "quality" of adipose tissue, are insulin resistance and hypertriglyceridemia. , Clarified that it is an essential cause of metabolic disorders such as liver fat accumulation.

 Adipose tissue has a role of storing energy, but also secretes a hormone called "adiponectin" that promotes fat burning, and insulin resistance improves when the burning of lipids in each organ is promoted.However, in obese people, the function of adipose tissue is reduced and metabolic disorders are caused, and the amount of adiponectin secreted is also reduced, resulting in insulin resistance, which is the root of diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

 On the other hand, many Asians have lifestyle-related diseases even if they have normal weight.It is said that this is because Asians tend to genetically reduce the "quality" of adipose tissue, "fat storage function" and "adiponectin concentration", but the mechanism is unknown.

 This time, the research group gave 21 Japanese men with normal body weight (body mass index [BMI] 25-2 kg / m94) an example in the world regarding "fat storage function" and "adiponectin concentration", which are indicators of "quality" of adipose tissue. We carried out a large-scale inspection without any problems.As a result, when the "fat storage function" was low and the "adiponectin concentration" was low, the degree of metabolic disorders such as insulin resistance, hypertriglyceridemia, and hepatic fat accumulation was remarkable.

 This suggests that for Japanese people who are prone to develop metabolic disorders even if they are not fat, it is necessary to take preventive measures focusing on the "quality" of fat rather than the "quantity" of fat.In the future, he wants to clarify why and how the deterioration of the "quality" of adipose tissue in Japanese occurs and what kind of intervention method can improve it.

Paper information:[Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism] Adipose insulin resistance and decreased adiponectin are correlated with metabolic abnormalities in non-obese men

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