At Hosei University, research reports and policies are being conducted in the project "Verification of Evacuation Methods Utilizing University Campus in the Event of a Disaster", which is being jointly researched with Toyo University and Tokyo Institute of Technology with the support of the Office of the Governor of Tokyo. A symposium to make proposals will be held on March 2021, 3.It is conducted face-to-face, but online participation is also possible.

 This project is a joint project in which Tokyo and universities in Tokyo work together to tackle policy issues with the aim of "promoting SDGs and realizing a sustainable city, Tokyo."With the support of the Office of the Governor of Tokyo, it is being implemented with Toyo University and Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Montbell Co., Ltd. is participating as a corporate cooperation.

 In October 2020, as one of the alternatives to evacuation life in the event of a natural disaster, a demonstration experiment was conducted at Hosei University Tama Campus to verify the resource nature of the university campus.At this symposium, as an alternative to evacuation life, the possibilities and issues of utilizing the university campus will be presented based on the results of research studies and demonstration experiments in Japan and overseas, and opinions will be exchanged with the citizens of Tokyo.

 At the symposium, Mr. Masuki Murosaki (Professor, University of Hyogo / Chairman of the District Disaster Prevention Planning Society) gave a keynote speech "Actual conditions and problems of evacuation centers in Japan", and a research report on the theme of evacuation life bases on the university campus. Policy proposals and participants will be divided into groups to discuss "what is a human-like evacuation life," "how to accept diverse people," and "how to operate an evacuation center."

 The venue is Hosei University Tama Campus, and the participation fee is free.Participants are citizens of Tokyo, disaster volunteers, government officials, university officials, etc.Advance application system.

Reference: [Hosei University] About "CAMP in Campus for well-being" -a human-like evacuation life in the event of a large-scale disaster on campus-at Hosei University Tama Campus-in collaboration with Hosei University, Toyo University, and Tokyo Institute of Technology Symposium held (3/13)

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