Hosei University concludes an "Agreement on Industrial Reconstruction and Human Resource Development" with Ama Town, Shimane Prefecture, and at the same time, "Agreement on Internship of Students in Innovation Management, Graduate School of Innovation Management, Hosei University" is also in July. It was signed on the 7th.
The former aims to promote the development of human resources who will be responsible for the promotion of local industry and the development of local communities, and the improvement of education and research, through mutual cooperation between the university and the town.

In the latter case, students (up to 4 students selected on campus) will be dispatched to the town as trainees and will be trained according to the curriculum created by the mayor. The period is from January 2016 to February 1. It is scheduled for the 12th.We are planning to discuss specific cooperation matters from now on, but for example, Hosei University will hold distance lessons and seminars using the facilities of Ama Town, and the results obtained in Ama Town (accumulation of human resources development know-how, etc.) There is no doubt that it will be valuable to each other, such as giving feedback.

Hosei University's professional graduate school focuses on utilizing advanced knowledge and skills in each specialized field in the real world, and is an expert who can lead a specific field or industry with advanced specialized knowledge and excellent technology. I am aiming to train.
Among them, the Graduate School of Innovation Management understands "cultivation of entrepreneurs who create new markets and new businesses" and "understands the true strength of Japanese companies, conceptualizes them, conveys them to people in other countries, and puts them into practice. We are focusing on human resource development, such as with the aim of "cultivating human resources who can do it."The power of human resource development unique to Hosei University will have a great impact on the revitalization of Ama Town.

Ama Town has abundant Japanese ingredients, and it has been decided to establish a Japanese cooking school by next fall in order to train Japanese cooks who make use of the ingredients of the island and to promote tourism.By collaborating with Ama Town and Hosei University, it is expected that human resources who are active in regions around the world will grow from the island.

Exhibitor:[Hosei University] Hosei University and Ama Town, Shimane Prefecture, collaborate in industrial promotion and human resource development

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