The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's industry-academia-government roundtable, which has been discussing the development of science and engineering human resources, has put together an action plan that shows issues that industry-academia-government should tackle, such as promoting the active participation of doctoral human resources.Promote concrete measures to train the human resources needed to bring about innovation.

 According to the action plan, the three pillars in the plan are "eliminating the gap between industrial needs and university education," "promoting the active participation of doctoral human resources in industry," and "enhancing primary and secondary education."

 Industry-academia-government actions are presented separately for short-term measures and medium- to long-term measures.As a short-term measure, he pointed out to the government a fact-finding survey of the needs of industry.For educational institutions, a council of university officials has been set up to request concrete consideration of countermeasures.We requested the industry to participate in the council and to clarify the abilities and skills that students think should be acquired at universities.

 As a medium- to long-term measure, we requested that universities with related fields create new educational programs based on the needs of industry.Furthermore, it is necessary for industry, academia and government to collaborate and develop human resources in line with the direction Japan is aiming for.

 In particular, there are concerns about a significant shortage of human resources in the fields of information technology such as artificial intelligence, security, IoT, and big data.The government is required to enhance scholarships, educational institutions are required to develop the mathematical thinking of students, and to promote education and research that integrates fields such as medical care, agriculture, and public policy with mathematical and information fields.

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