Seisa University, a correspondence university, and Suzuhiro Ashibetsu Main Store will jointly open "Suzuhiro Seisa University" in April 2021 for Suzuhiro employees to learn while working at the company.Twelve Suzuhiro employees will be enrolled as first-year students to start new learning.

 In today's world where individual values ​​are diversifying in the midst of drastic changes in society, it is not necessary to separate "work" and "learning", but to "continue learning" in order to acquire a wide range of culture while doing "work". It is also extremely important for companies.

 As a new learning environment to realize this, Seisa University has set up a correspondence university within the company and created a mechanism called "Kaishadaigaku" to learn while working and obtain a bachelor's degree.And this time, along with Suzuhiro who thinks that "employees are the most important property (management resource) of the company", he created a completely new idea "Suzuhiro Seisa University".

 "Suzuhiro Seisa University" has set up Suzuhiro's original curriculum that allows students to study across a wide range of fields from more than 300 subjects of the Faculty of Symbiotic Sciences, Seisa University.By changing the regular work and training at Suzuhiro into learning from the perspective of symbiosis and making it a university credit, it became possible to learn from the work itself.

 Through Suzuhiro Seisa University, Suzuhiro contributes to the local Odawara by maximizing the abilities of each employee and developing the company with the power of the employees, and at the same time, the goal of the SDGs, "Goal 4: High Quality". We aim to be a company that can realize "Education for everyone", "Goal 8: Rewarding work and economic growth", and "Goal 11: Creating a town where people can continue to live".

 To make it easier for Suzuhiro employees to take classes, there is a "tuition subsidy" in which the company subsidizes half of the five-year tuition required until graduation, and a system that exempts all promotion requirement training by graduating.

Reference: [@press] Suzuhiro Seisa University, which has a university in the company, opened in April 2021!

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