The National Center for University Entrance Examinations has announced a policy to reorganize the subjects and subjects of the 2025 Common Test for University Admissions from the current 6 subjects in 30 subjects to 7 subjects in 21 subjects.This policy will be finalized after discussions between the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and university and high school officials.

 According to the National Center for University Entrance Examinations, the subjects to be asked are the current 6 subjects of "national language", "mathematics", "science", "geographical history", "civilian", and "foreign language", plus the new subject "information" 7 It is a subject.

 The current 6 subjects of Mathematics will be reorganized into 3 subjects of "Mathematics I, Mathematics A", "Mathematics I", "Mathematics II, Mathematics B, Mathematics C".The current eight subjects of science are "Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science", "Physics", "Chemistry", "Biology", and "Earth Science".

 The current 6 subjects of geography history are "geography synthesis, geography exploration", "history synthesis, Japanese history exploration", "history synthesis, world history exploration", and the current 3 subjects of public citizens are "public, ethics". There are two subjects, "Public, Politics and Economics"."Geography synthesis, history synthesis, public" will be newly established as a subject that straddles geography history and the public.

 Japanese and foreign languages ​​are the same as before.Information on the new subject will be one subject of "Information", and questions will be given from the contents of Information I.The CBT test to be conducted on a computer was considered to be introduced from 1, but the method will be conducted on paper in 2025, and the study will be continued.

reference:[National Center for University Entrance Examinations] About the subjects / subjects from the Common Test for University Admissions in Reiwa, which corresponds to the 30 Notification High School Curriculum Guidelines

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