Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd. and Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd. signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement on March 2021, 3.Through this agreement, we will work on support for various projects related to the development of diverse global human resources and the career development of students, especially new projects, which the school corporation Nihon University is aiming for.

 Nihon University Division Co., Ltd. is the 16th "department" of Nihon University, and through various projects, Nihon University fulfills its public role and social responsibility as a higher education institution, and recruits human resources who will be the foundation of a new history. We support the production of many from the side.
 Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd. encourages students and students to change their behavior and think about their future society and their own careers, such as holding the "SB Student Ambassador National Convention", a next-generation human resources development program to raise awareness of the SDGs philosophy in school excursions. We are commercializing support.

 A specialized team was set up within Nippon Travel Agency to implement the comprehensive collaboration project.As the main business, we will make proposals for solving various problems in business and human cooperation for business expansion of the Travel Division of the Nihon University Division, off-campus training for faculties and affiliated schools, and off-campus training.
In addition, in the summer of 2021, we will also carry out projects related to general operation of the Newcastle Campus (tentative name) scheduled to be born in Australia, expansion of international exchange and acceptance of foreign students, joint development and commercialization of contents for medical tourism, and human resource development of students. Work together for career development.

 Through this business alliance between the two companies, we will utilize the resources of both companies to promote education and research activities for new businesses that Nihon University is trying to promote.

Reference: [Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd.] Nippon Travel Agency and Nihon University Division conclude a comprehensive cooperation agreement Expand support for new businesses such as diverse global human resource development and student career development (PDF)

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