In March 2021, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University received 3 stars in the overall evaluation of the university individual evaluation service "QS STARS" of QS in the United Kingdom.

 "QS STARS" is a university rating that features absolute evaluations that are used by more than 60 universities in 600 countries, and is attracting attention as a global standard that students in each country can refer to.In Japan, Kawaijuku Group's KEI Advance Co., Ltd. has been developing as a domestic official partner since 2019.

 This time, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, which received the "QS STARS" evaluation through KEI Advance, received 4 stars (highest 5 star plus) in the overall evaluation.He has joined a four-star rating university, which currently has only 25 schools in the Asia-Pacific region.In addition, in the itemized evaluation, we received the highest 4 stars in the above 4 fields of "Internationalization", "Employability *", "Facilities", and "Inclusiveness *", and their enhancement. The degree was particularly appreciated.

 Hiroshi Yoneyama, Vice President of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, said, "Especially in the field of" employment ability, "the graduates are highly evaluated by companies, and the results of APU education for the 20 years since the opening of the university are highly evaluated in society. I take it.In addition, by receiving international certification and evaluation, not only Japanese students but also international students from all over the world can refer to the information when choosing a destination.We will continue to receive third-party evaluations and strive to improve the quality of education and research as a world-class higher education institution. "

* Employability is the ability to be hired, the value as a business person in the labor market beyond the inside and outside of the company, and the ability to be advantageous when changing jobs or re-employment.
* Inclusiveness is a state in which all students have the opportunity to participate in their studies, and their experiences, abilities, and ways of thinking are recognized and utilized (developed version of diversity).

Reference: [Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University] Received 4 stars in the international external evaluation QS Stars

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