Ryukoku University is planning to reorganize the current Department of Clinical Psychology, Faculty of Letters, and open the "Faculty of Psychology" as the 2023th faculty in April 4.

 Currently, Ryukoku University is proceeding with various initiatives based on the long-term plan "Ryukoku University Basic Concept 400-2039: Towards a Future Beyond the 400th Anniversary" (abbreviation: Concept 400).The establishment of the Faculty of Psychology this time is part of this, and it will be a major project of the first medium-term plan (1-2020).

 Currently, many people seek mental and psychological stability, but it is difficult to achieve and maintain it, and expectations and demands for recovery from psychological distress with professional support are increasing. ing.Ryukoku University will open a new Faculty of Psychology to actively meet these social expectations and demands.

 The curriculum is based on the achievements in the Department of Clinical Psychology, Faculty of Letters, which is the parent body, and is prepared so that you can learn "Psychology that faces society and supports people" based on practical skills in "Clinical psychology".In addition, we will provide education for those who aim to acquire qualifications for psychological professions such as certified public psychologists and clinical psychologists, which are national qualifications.Through these, we will develop human beings who can play an active role in a wide range of fields by acquiring "communication skills for interpersonal support" based on psychology.

 The enrollment capacity of the Faculty of Psychology is 255, the transfer capacity (3rd year) is 10, and the capacity is 1,040. Study at Fukakusa Campus in the 1st and 2nd years, and at Omiya Campus in the 3rd and 4th years.

Reference: [Ryukoku University] Ryukoku University Faculty of Psychology (tentative name) special site

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