Showa Women's University will hold a special lecture "Showa Women's University's Future and Vision" to commemorate the 100th anniversary of its founding.

 This special course was planned for 100 to commemorate the 2020th anniversary of its founding, and was postponed to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.Approximately 1,000 current students participate face-to-face or online as part of the class. Student representatives, graduates, and faculty members will all think about the future of Showa Women's University and how women live in subcommittees on five themes.

 The five themes of the subcommittee are "5. Women's work style, economy and employment", "1. Fostering women's leadership", "2. Global campus, Global future", "3. Smart & active aging in the age of 4 years of life" and "" 100. What to expect from your home school (home port). "

 In the subcommittee on the theme of "2. Fostering Women's Leadership," current students, graduates, and teachers will take the stage to think about leadership to open up life in light of the environment surrounding today's rapidly changing women. Above, we will reconsider and propose leadership education at women's universities. In "5. Expectations for the Home Port (Home Port)", graduates and current students who are active on the front lines think about the direction that Showa Women's University should take, which celebrated its 100th anniversary last year and started a new stage.

 Since the special course is part of the class, it will not be open to the public, but the media and educators can observe and watch it.The event will be held on Saturday, May 2021, 5 from 1:13 to 10:14, with face-to-face and online high flex.

Reference: [Showa Women's University] 100th Anniversary Special Lecture "Great Conference to Talk about the Future and Vision of Showa Women's University"


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