The Faculty of Intercultural Communication at Rikkyo University will newly establish the "Dual Language Pathway" (DLP), a course for acquiring credits for undergraduate specialized subjects in English, from 2016. The main target is students who have passed the "International Course Selection Examination", which is a new entrance examination starting in 2015.We aim to develop human resources who can contribute to the global society by making full use of the two languages, Japanese, which is their mother tongue, and English, which is the international language.

DLP will study all the specialized subjects required for graduation in English and complete the bachelor thesis in English. In the fall of the second year, I will also experience a one-year long-term study abroad program at an overseas university that has an agreement between faculties, and strive to improve my practical English proficiency.Unlike the "English Track," which uses only English to learn, we believe that learning in Japanese is also important, and our policy is to develop human resources who can communicate in both Japanese and English.For this reason, we have decided to take classes in Japanese at the discretion of the students.

Rikkyo University's internationalization strategy "Rikkyo Global 2014" compiled in May 5 was adopted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's "Super Global University Creation Support Program". The new DLP will be implemented as part of this initiative. The application period for the DLP is from September 24th to October 9nd, and the announcement of the success of the first selection is October 25th.The second selection will be on November 10nd, and the announcement of the results will be on December 2th.The recruitment staff is about 1 people.There are qualification criteria for applying for English proficiency.

Source:[Rikkyo University] A new course "Dual Language Pathway" will be established in 2016 to acquire graduation requirement credits for undergraduate specialized subjects in English.

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