On August 2015, 8, a public symposium "Science of Learning" will be held at Doshisha University Kanbaikan, co-sponsored by the International Education Society (ISE), Kyoto University, Doshisha University, and Kobe University.High school students, faculty and staff, as well as the general public can participate for free.

 One of the co-sponsored organizations, the International Education Society (ISE), is an institution established to improve the quality from primary education to graduate school education. , Researching the curriculum, and providing a place for learning.

 The public symposium "Science of Learning" is a three-part program to learn effective teaching methods and how to develop children's abilities.Part 3 and Part 1 will each have a theme, and seven lectures will be given by public and private experts.The theme of Part 2 is "effective learning"."English education using videos of international conferences" by Eiko Kawagoe, a professor at Kobe College, and "Relationship between the development of argumentative ability in childhood and critical thinking ability" by Noriko Kinoshita, vice-principal of Chikko Elementary School in Osaka City. A lecture will be given.In the second part, under the theme of "Exploring the possibilities of education," Masatoshi Murase, an associate professor at the Institute for Basic Physics, Kyoto University, "approaches the origin of learning and play," Masaji, President of the Rectus Institute for Education. Masako will give a lecture on "Amazing Method to Develop Children's Abilities".In the third part, a panel discussion will be held with the theme of "thinking, healing, and ability development".The moderator will be Tadashi Yagi, a professor of the Faculty of Economics at Doshisha University, and five panelists will be invited to discuss "learning", including Kazuo Nishimura, the president of the International Education Society, and Terufumi Ohno, the director of the Kyoto University Museum.

 Prior application is required to participate in the symposium, and applications are accepted until August 2015, 8 by using the dedicated application form, fax, or email posted on the Doshisha University website.

Source:[Doshisha University] Public Symposium "Science of Learning"

Kyoto University

Foster a free academic style based on the spirit of "self-respect for self-weight" and open up a world of creative learning.

With the motto of self-study, we will continue to maintain a free academic style that is not bound by common sense, and develop human resources who have both creativity and practical ability.We provide an inclusive learning space that allows for diverse and hierarchical choices so that students themselves can choose a solid future through valuable trial and error. […]

Kobe University

To an outstanding research university that shines with advanced research and fusion research

Kobe University, which is located in a port city open to the world, has 4 faculties and 10 faculties under the 15 university arts series of "humanities / human sciences", "social sciences", "natural sciences", and "life / medical sciences". It is a comprehensive university with a graduate school, one research institute and many centers. Based on the philosophy of "harmony between science and reality," we have strengths in both the humanities and science fields […]

Doshisha University

Inherit the "conscience of a country".One ambition and striving for the next generation

In 1875, Doshisha English School, the predecessor of Doshisha University, was founded by Joseph Hardy Neesima. We have practiced conscience education with the educational principles of "Christianity," "liberalism," and "internationalism."The virtue of loving the truth and making humanity serious, the spirit of respecting individuality and valuing each person, the power to grasp the world from a broad perspective, these […]

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