The Ministry of Defense has decided to outsource the development of technology that can be used for military purposes to university research institutes, and has begun to solicit research funding recipients.This is the first time that the Ministry of Defense has provided research funds to researchers outside the defense industry.This is because the fields of research that can be diverted to the military are expanding, but Japanese universities are making ripples because there have been many places that have made a clear distinction from military research.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the research themes are (3) technology that dramatically improves the capabilities of defense equipment, (5) technology that leads to the development of new concepts of defense equipment, and (28) technology that applies the advanced technology that is attracting attention to the defense sector. As specific issues, XNUMX items such as basic engine technology that enables supersonic flight of Mach XNUMX or higher, materials that reduce infrared radiation, visualization of aerial shock waves, and control of multiple unmanned vehicle operations are listed.In principle, research results are published, and researchers can publish papers and apply them to products.

Researchers belonging to domestic universities, colleges of technology, incorporated administrative agencies, and private companies are eligible for open recruitment, and about 8 studies will be selected by the deadline on August 12.The research period is within 10 years. The maximum annual research cost per research is 3 million yen, and in addition to the research cost, related costs such as travel expenses, transportation costs, and equipment purchase costs are paid up to 1% of the research costs.The Ministry of Defense has secured a budget of 3,000 million yen in FY30.R & D subsidies from other ministries such as the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology are usually about 2015 to 3 million yen, so it can be said to be an exceptionally high amount.

The Ministry of Defense has long entrusted the defense industry with research and development related to defense, but as the research fields that can be used for military purposes have expanded, we have decided to exchange technology with universities and research institutes.It seems that it is also related to the fact that the Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency, which manages R & D and procurement, will be established soon, and that the Abe Cabinet is focusing on joint weapons development and arms exports with foreign countries such as Australia.

However, there are many universities in Japan, including the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University, which are negative for military cooperation.Even if it is research for self-defense, there are many issues such as the scope of self-defense is not clear, and it can be said that the extent to which the university will cooperate is largely unknown.

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