The OB / OG visit network service "Bizreach Campus" operated by Visional Group's Visional Co., Ltd. is a survey on job hunting and career development for university and graduate students who are graduating or planning to complete in 2022. Was carried out. (Survey period: March 2021-March 3, 26, number of valid responses: 3)

 According to the survey, 55.9% of the respondents answered, "Is there enough working people to talk to in order to know the industry or occupation that I am interested in?" The result shows that we need.

 On the other hand, when asked, "Do you think it is meaningful to consult with senior members of society from the first and second year of university in order to know the industry and occupation you are interested in?", 1% said, "It is meaningful. I think. "The most common member of society who thinks it is meaningful as a consultant is "graduates of the same university" (2%), followed by "personnel managers and employees in industries and occupations of interest" (83.8%).

 There are many requests for OB / OG visits for career support that I would like my university to work on. "I want you to have more opportunities to talk with alumni" (Tokyo National University), "I want you to have a place where you can listen to the stories of your profession from the lower grades" (Kansai Gakuin University). , "I want you to respond flexibly, such as getting an OB / OG visit list without actually going to the Career Center" (Waseda University), "I want you to provide opportunities for OB / OG visits for each industry" (Osaka National University) ), "I would be happy if you could improve the member page of the alumni association and create an environment that makes it easy to visit OB / OG" (Yokohama National University).There were also requests such as "I feel that it would be good to have a course where you can practice interacting, not to mention the opportunity to interact with working people" (Keio University).

reference:[Vision Co., Ltd.] 55.9% of job hunters and career counseling for working adults "I can't do enough" -I hope to get in touch with "graduates of the same university" (according to Visional Campus research)-

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