From September 2015, Fukui University, Fukui City Board of Education, and Recruit Marketing Partners Co., Ltd. will use the online learning service "Study Supplement" to conduct joint research on "improvement of basic academic ability" and "improvement of learning motivation". Is going.We announced the progress of the lessons at the elementary school attached to the Faculty of Education, Fukui University, which was conducted as part of the joint research.

 "Study Supplement" is an online learning service operated by Recruit Marketing Partners, which offers unlimited viewing of original lessons of about 980 minutes per class by a first-class teacher for 1 yen per month.

 Classes using this study supplement have been held since November 2015 for 11 sixth graders of the elementary school attached to the Faculty of Education, University of Fukui.The subject is society, where students learn about the policies of Toyotomi Hideyoshi during the Azuchi-Momoyama period and the "income doubling plan" issued by the Ikeda Cabinet during the Showa period.

 The lesson type is a "flipped classroom" that reverses the roles of the conventional "class" and "homework", and as a preparation, you will be asked to watch a video with a study supplement at home for about 30 minutes.In the class, the contents of the videos watched in the preparation will be reviewed with related materials, and interactive learning will be conducted for about 20 minutes to cultivate multifaceted knowledge while taking up specific examples.In addition, it takes about 15 minutes for children to gather their opinions and hold discussions.

 When a questionnaire was given to children after class, 77% of the children answered that they could understand the content better than in regular classes.Eighty-five percent said that it helped them understand what other children said.

 Masamichi Yabe, a teacher of social studies who was in charge of the lesson, said, "The obvious change is the attitude toward learning of children. The number of learning scenes that deepen the tasks has increased. The learning style centered on interactive activities has also led to an increase in children's understanding of learning, and as a result, the number of children who like social studies has increased. " He talked about the response of the lesson using the study supplement.

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