On May 2021, 5, the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Osaka University will hold an online "one-day experience class" for high school students, technical college students, and university students.

 At the Graduate School of Information Science, high school students, technical college students, and university students are invited to experience what information science classes and research are like. "Day experience class" is held. In 1, it will be carried out online due to the Corona disaster.

 For this "1 day experience class", we prepared a fulfilling program such as opening the laboratory using 3D virtual map and lectures.In the lecture on human interface development in VR / telexistence, which has been attracting attention recently, we will introduce the technology for seamlessly connecting humans and machines, and introduce research on specific application examples.

 In addition, in addition to the ingenious plans for each of the seven majors, such as the "Basic Information Mathematics Major," "Information Mathematics Major," and "Computer Science Major," which make up this graduate school, there are things to worry about before taking the exam, and information. There is also a consultation corner where faculty members of the Graduate School of Information Science can answer questions about science.

reference:[Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Osaka University] Invitation to the IST Ginkgo Festival Online Project "One Day Experience Class"

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