Musashino University started the "Undergraduate and Master's Program" in April 2021.Students can obtain a master's degree in a minimum of five years from admission to a university (undergraduate) by taking graduate school courses in advance in the fourth year.

 In recent years, with the development of advanced science and technology, the specialization and subdivision of knowledge has progressed.The structure of modern society, where international competition is intensifying, is expected to change significantly and irreversibly by around 2040, and human resources who can respond to new academic fields and rapid technological innovation are required.

 Therefore, since 2012, Musashino University has been implementing the "Undergraduate / Master's Program" in advance, which allows 6th year students of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences to take master's programs at the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

 Then, in April 2021, in order to respond to the desire of students to go on to the master's course, the "Undergraduate and Master's Course Integrated Program" was started in other departments.Students can obtain a master's degree in a minimum of 4 years (4th year undergraduate + 15st year master's degree) after entering university (undergraduate) by taking courses (up to 5 credits per year) from the 4th year.

 Through this program, students will be actively encouraged to go on to the master's program so that they can acquire a high degree of specialization.In addition, it will be possible to complete a master's degree in a short period of 5 years at the shortest and with reduced tuition fees.

Reference: [PR TIMES] [Musashino University] The "Undergraduate / Master's Course Integrated Program", in which undergraduate students take graduate courses in advance and enhance their specialization, will start in earnest in April 2021!

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Musashino University, which will celebrate its 2024th anniversary in 100, cultivates a personality with excellent academic knowledge, emotions, and character based on the spirit of Buddhism, and develops human resources who contribute to the happiness of each student and the happiness of the world.Currently, it has evolved into a comprehensive university of literature, science, medical care, and information systems with 12 faculties and 20 departments.Information teaching that all undergraduate students learn […]

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