The international technology contest "TECO Green Tech 2016" sponsored by the Dongyuan Science and Technology Education Foundation, which is a related foundation of Taiwan's major electrical equipment manufacturer Dongyuan (TECO), was held at the National Taiwan Science Education Center in Shilin District, Taipei City. The next-generation wind development project team won second place.

 According to Kyushu University, 7 universities from 19 countries, including the National University of Singapore, the Chalmers Institute of Technology in Sweden, and the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, participated in the contest, showing the latest research results and being judged.

 The members of the next-generation wind power development project team at Kyushu University are five members, including representative Yuya Otaki. The members of the 5nd grade started the presentation, and the members of the 2st grade took charge of the core of the technology, and challenged the contest with the power of the whole team.

 In addition, the University of Tokyo and Waseda University have won prizes, demonstrating the high level of environmental technology at Japanese universities.

 Kyushu University conducts Global Challenges and Creations to encourage students to participate in international business and technology contests and to develop their ability to compete at the world level.The Next Generation Wind Development Project Team also applied for and was adopted.

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