Fujitsu Limited will newly participate in a clinical trial of multilingual translation in the medical field where the University of Tokyo and others are conducting demonstration experiments.Explore the possibility of hands-free conversation in various situations in the hospital without operating the terminal.

 In recent years, the number of foreign patients visiting hospitals has increased as the number of foreigners visiting Japan has increased.Medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, and clerical staff need to communicate with foreign patients at receptions, examinations, medical examinations, wards, accounting, etc., and have to deal with conversations and technical terms in various languages. Faced with the challenge.Supporting conversations in multiple languages ​​has become an issue.

 Since October 2015, the University of Tokyo has been conducting clinical trials of multilingual translation in collaboration with the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT). As part of the "Research and Development / Multilingual Speech Translation Technology Promotion Consortium commissioned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications", Fujitsu will join the group from November 10 and will carry out demonstration experiments using the multilingual speech translation system until the end of 2016.

 In this demonstration experiment, we will strengthen the technical terms in the medical field based on the technology of the multilingual voice translation application "VoiceTra" developed by NICT, which is currently used in clinical trials.A new multilingual voice translation system with improved voice recognition and translation accuracy when used in various N scenes in the hospital, and the start of translation by discriminating human voice even in a noisy environment developed by Fujitsu Laboratories Co., Ltd. Using voice analysis technology that can detect the end and hands-free technology that recognizes the position of the speaker by voice and switches to the appropriate language, clinical tests will be conducted in the actual medical field and its effectiveness will be verified.In the future, we plan to expand the supported languages ​​such as Chinese.

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