H.I.S. (Tokyo), a major travel agency, has begun recruiting four-day tours for elementary school students to experience community development for regional revitalization in collaboration with Kochi University and NPO Children's University.Residents of the Reihoku region of Kochi prefecture and teachers of Kochi University, who are the destinations of the visit, will act as instructors to learn about the current situation in depopulated areas and to experience rural life through private lodging and interaction with residents.

Quoted from the source

Quoted from the source

The tour schedule is August 8st, 21 nights and 3 days departing from Tokyo Haneda Airport.One night will be a private stay.Participants are 4rd to 1th graders.H.I.S. and others are planning to build a tree house, which is a symbol of the Reihoku region, with children over five years, and this is the first one.We will start with the design of the tree house with the children's free ideas.In addition to visiting the tree house, you will experience thinning and peeling work to understand the wood that is the raw material of the house.In addition, various projects such as harvesting vegetables, observing the starry sky, playing in the river, etc. are included so that you can come into contact with the rich nature of Kochi.In September after the end, a post-study session is planned to connect Kochi and Tokyo with a skype.

The Reihoku region of Kochi prefecture in the central part of Shikoku is a beautiful mountain village surrounded by rich forests and rice terraces, but due to the stagnation of the forestry industry, it is suffering from depopulation and the progress of an aging society as it is said to be the birthplace of marginal villages. increase.The tour was planned to let children in the city know the current situation of these areas and to think about the future and affluence of Japan by experiencing the cross-cultural experience of living in the countryside.The tour price is 1 yen per person.For applications and inquiries, please contact the H.I.S. Study Tour Desk.

Source:[H.I.S. Co., Ltd.]-A trip for elementary school students to learn about regional revitalization-HIS x Kochi University x Children's University collaborative project, learning in Japan's largest forest!Future Japan Summer Vacation Children's University in Kochi 4 days

Kochi University

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As the only national university in Kochi Prefecture, it features interdisciplinary education on the region, ocean, disaster prevention, and medical care, teaches globally accepted knowledge and ideas, and contributes to the development of the region through practical activities in the region. We carry out education through "community collaboration" with the aim of developing human resources who can.Bringing the results obtained in the region to the world […]

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