On July 2015, 7, the "Fukuoka Music University Establishment Commemorative Gala Concert" was held at the Acros Fukuoka Symphony Hall in Tenjin, Fukuoka.The Fukuoka Music University Establishment Association, which hosted the concert, is an organization that was established in October 27 by volunteers gathering to establish a music university in Fukuoka City.

 Despite being the largest city in Kyushu with a capacity of 150 million people, Fukuoka City does not have a four-year music university or a medium-sized hall that can accommodate about 4 people, and no international music festival is held.In order for high school students in the Kyushu / Okinawa region to receive high-level music education, they must go on to Tokyo, etc., and some students have to give up for financial reasons.To change this situation, the Fukuoka College of Music Establishment Association was established with the aim of securing career paths for junior and senior high school students who aspire to music in the Kyushu region and neighboring prefectures and enhancing the music culture of Fukuoka. We are currently looking for supporters with the aim of opening a university.

 At the concert, local musicians and teachers wanted many people to know about the activities of the Fukuoka Music University Establishment Association and to deepen the public's understanding of establishing a music university in Fukuoka City. It was opened in the center.The performers include the Kyushu Symphony Orchestra, Naomi Oka, a pianist from the Music Department of Fukuoka Jogakuin High School who is active mainly in Fukuoka, and Mahiru Moriyama, a third-year student at Okita Junior High School in Kitakyushu City, who is the third-ranked violinist in the All Japan Music Competition. A musician from Kyushu performed.The proceeds from this concert will be used to fund the activities of the Fukuoka College of Music Establishment Association.

Source:[Fukuoka Music University Establishment Association] A gala concert to commemorate the establishment of the Fukuoka Music University Establishment Association

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