The Education Innovation Promotion Center of Shibaura Institute of Technology has been certified by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as a base for building a model for science and engineering education and instilling its basic framework and educational methods in Japan.In the future, it will be a shared usage base for systematic training of university faculty and staff.This is the second private university to be accredited.

 Shibaura Institute of Technology has formed a consortium (* 1) with a technical university in Southeast Asia, aiming to develop global human resources, and has set educational goals in line with the International Engineering Union. We have endeavored to improve the quality of our products.

 The Education Innovation Promotion Center holds various trainings, lectures, and symposiums for on-campus faculty and staff, and is building a new science and engineering education model.Furthermore, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology highly evaluated the fact that they accepted participants from outside for these training programs.

 Shibaura Institute of Technology is making efforts to reform the university as a whole toward the 90th anniversary of its founding.In the future, we will establish a new Education Innovation Promotion Center Steering Committee to reflect the opinions of members outside the university and work to improve the content of classes and duties by faculty and staff.

* 1 Consortium Originally a financial term that means joint procurement of funds, it means a coalition of universities that jointly promote business.

Shibaura Institute of Technology

Fostering global science and engineering human resources who support Japan

Shibaura Institute of Technology will celebrate its 2027th anniversary in 100.With a system of 4 departments and 16 course in 1 faculties, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Systems Science and Engineering, Faculty of Design Engineering, and Faculty of Architecture, "Data Science Courses" will be introduced in all faculties from 2020, and there are so many research fields that they are called "Science and Engineering University". I am proud of.Each student […]

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