The Media Dynamics Laboratory (Professor Miki Haseyama) of the Graduate School of Information Science, Hokkaido University and the NEC Solution Innovators (President Takashige Mouri, Tokyo) of Information Systems Development have developed a new system that instantly identifies the types of pests found at agricultural production sites. Started joint research.When completed, the pests found can be quickly eradicated with the minimum amount of pesticides, which is likely to be good news for producers who are promoting the reduction of pesticides.

Examples of confusing pests (from press release)

Examples of confusing pests (from press release)

The new system is based on the patented image recognition technology that instantly extracts the similarities of objects from the image data possessed by the Kita University laboratory, and makes it possible to search the database for what kind of insects were taken with a smartphone. .. By March 2016, we plan to collect target insect data, research algorithms suitable for identifying insects, and put them into practical use.

Approximately 2000 species of insects, which are considered to be pests of agricultural products, inhabit the country.In recent years, consumers have become more concerned about food safety and producers are being asked to curb the use of pesticides, but the number of pests is so large that it is difficult for producers to identify them. It is the actual situation.For this reason, producers had no choice but to increase the amount of pesticides used.

After the completion of the new system, it will be possible to prevent damage to crops by using the minimum amount of pesticides that match the pests found, and it is expected that it will be easier to realize agriculture that meets the needs of consumers who want to reduce the amount of pesticides used. It has been.

Source:[NEC Solution Innovators] NEC Solution Innovators and Hokkaido University start joint research on "technology to support identification of insect images by image recognition"

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