"Security Camp National Convention 22" (sponsored by the camp implementation council, etc.) will be held on August 4 for students under the age of 5 and students under the age of 2015 in a training camp format of 8 nights and 5 days to educate and practice advanced security technology. It will be held at Cross Wave Makuhari in Chiba City from the day.Since the information leak incident of the Japan Pension Service has just occurred, we will focus on ethics education as well as technical guidance.

About 22 students from all over the country, including students under the age of 50, participated in this year's camp.We have changed the method of studying in each field by dividing it into classes of "network security", "web security", and "software security", and now it is a method of learning across multiple fields."High layer" to learn security technology required for application development site, "Low layer" to learn security technology that can be used in the IoT era by learning the operating principles of the Internet and devices, capturing various data anomalies and cyber There are four curriculum configurations, "Detection" that detects attacks and "Analysis" that learns techniques for analyzing various vulnerabilities and attacks.

The security camp has been running since 2004 with the aim of developing information technology engineers who can deal with the ever-increasing cyber attacks.It has been pointed out that there is a shortage of human resources in the information security field in Japan, but the camp has produced 480 human resources so far, starting a business by itself or getting a job at an information security related company, and is at the forefront of information technology. I am active in.

* IoT (Internet of Things) A technology that enables not only information and communication devices but also various devices (things) that exist in the world to have communication functions, enabling automatic recognition, automatic control, and direct measurement.

Source:[Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry] Recruitment of participants for "Security Camp National Convention 2015"

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