Tenri University and Tenri Medical University have announced that they will integrate by transferring the Faculty of Medicine to Tenri University, aiming for integration in 2023.The decision was made based on the basic corporate merger agreement signed by Tenri University and Tenri Yorozu Counseling Center Gakuen, and the intention is to apply to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology by the end of FY2021.

 According to Tenri University, both schools have the same religious base as Tenrikyo and have a campus in Tenri City, Nara Prefecture.Tenri University has four faculties: Faculty of Literature, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of International Studies, and Faculty of Physical Education. Tenri Medical University is a college of medical science that trains nurses and clinical laboratory technicians.With the integration by transferring the faculties, Tenri University will have a five-faculty system and a capacity of 4 people.After the integration, we will focus on contributing to depopulated area medical care and strengthening sports medicine.

 The addition of the Faculty of Medical Sciences on the Tenri University side has merits such as cooperation with the government centered on medical care and the implementation of new trials that add a medical perspective to international programs.On the Tenri Medical University side, it will be possible to enhance liberal arts education and assignment activities that could not be done at colleges.

 In Kansai, while the 18-year-old population is declining, the population continues to be concentrated in Osaka City, and the number of applicants for local universities is becoming more serious.In order to overcome these predicaments, the two schools were planned to be integrated, and in March the two corporations operating both schools signed a basic merger agreement.We are in discussions with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to apply for approval, and we would like to submit an application by the end of FY3.

reference:[Tenri University] Held a press briefing on the merger with Tenri Medical University

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