The government's Education Rehabilitation Committee (chaired by Kaoru Kamata, former President of Waseda University) held a meeting at the Prime Minister's Office and submitted the 12th proposal to Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, which included university entry and early graduation.The content of the proposal focuses on the diversification of learning, and it is said that elementary, junior high and high schools will not accept the September admission, which has been discussed in the wake of the Corona disaster, because there are many issues, and the university will promote diversification of admission and graduation times.

 According to the Office of the Cabinet Office Education Rehabilitation Execution Council, as a measure to diversify learning, students who have been enrolled in high school for two years or more will be given a high school diploma when they go on to university early using the admission system. He called for the establishment of a system and requested the government to revise the system so that students can graduate early by utilizing the credits earned in university classes while in high school.The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology will start concrete system design in the future.

 In response to the new normal era, he mentioned the promotion of remote and online education, the strengthening of vocational education functions through industry-academia collaboration, and the promotion of digitalization.Globalization aims to further popularize international collaborative curriculum, strategically acquire excellent foreign students, and diversify academic backgrounds and period of study.

 In the conversion to data-driven education, various educational data will be used for learning and teaching, promotion of policy making using data, development of educational data infrastructure, cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Education Policy Research Institute, universities, etc. There is a need for data linkage with a wide range of fields such as educational data analysis / research function construction and welfare.

reference:[Prime Minister's Office] XNUMXth Educational Rehabilitation Execution Conference Handouts

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