Kobe University participated in the operation of a large-scale inoculation site for the new coronavirus vaccine at Noevir Stadium Kobe in Hyogo-ku, Kobe.This is a project in which 18 industry-academia-government officials such as the J-League Vissel Kobe and Rakuten Group, which are based in Kobe City and Noevir Stadium Kobe, have collaborated.

 According to Kobe University, the major companies, organizations and universities participating are Hyogo Prefectural Nursing Association, SBC Medical, Jikei University School of Medicine, Department of Foreign Science, Kobe Women's University, Kyoto Tachibana University, Otemae University, etc.

 At Noevir's large-scale vaccination site, vaccination reservations were accepted from May 5nd, and vaccination began on 22st. We will promote a plan to have the whole family enjoy large-scale inoculation, such as opening a resident kids space, implementing a plan "Pitch Side Walk" where you can walk around the pitch side of Noevir, and distributing VISSEL KOBE original clear files.

 Those who receive the clear file can participate in the campaign to win tickets and goods for the VISSEL KOBE game, and if they show it on the day of the game, they can receive benefits such as a 10% discount on the goods.

 The Rakuten Group provides information on vaccination at Noevir on a special page, and Iniesta players from VISSEL KOBE are sending messages to medical professionals and Kobe citizens.

reference:[Kobe University] New initiatives at Noevir Stadium Kobe, a large-scale inoculation site for the new corona vaccine in collaboration with 18 industry-academia-government workers

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