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Kansai University, Pioneer of Online Collaborative Learning “COIL” Opens Up International Education and Students’ Possibilities

Possibilities of online international education and COIL-type education “COIL is a place where you can interact and learn with overseas students while staying in Japan.

"Peace in the world through language" The importance of foreign language education now required

Kyoto University of Foreign Studies has two faculties, a faculty of foreign languages ​​where you can study all 19 languages ​​and a faculty of international contribution.Foreign language education that is needed only in this era […]

What I want to convey to students now, what are truly global human resources?

In April 2022, Toyo Gakuen University welcomed Yutaka Tsujinaka as the new president with the expiration of the term of office of Mr. Taro Aichi, who has been the president since 4.Tsujinaka […]