Josai International University, which opened in 1992, has a total of three campuses in Chiba Prefecture and Tokyo, and is now widely recognized as a comprehensive university with eight faculties in Japan and overseas. We interviewed Kenji Sugibayashi, who became the president of the university in April 3, about the educational policy and future prospects for global human resource development that the university is aiming for.


——What are the characteristics of Josai International University?

Kenji Sugibayashi (hereinafter referred to as Sugibayashi): There are several universities in Japan that bear the name of "international universities," but it was relatively recent that an international university was established in Japan.I think that Japanese people also recognized that "language ability is important" from the time when the University of Foreign Studies was established in Tokyo and Osaka after World War II.However, it is more recent that the International University, which provides education with an emphasis on globalization and international cooperation, has appeared, and Josai International University has a history of 26 years since its establishment.Even so, I think that this university is a comprehensive university with eight faculties, which is a rare position for an international university.

——In your studies, the philosophy of “human formation through academics” advocated by Professor Mikio Mizuta, the founder of Josai University, has been inherited as the founding spirit. Are you telling?

Sugibayashi: I think that the idea of ​​"human formation through academics" does not mean that it is the purpose of academics themselves, but that it is more important to become human resources who are good as human beings and useful to society through academics. I'm thinking.Josai University was established the year after the last Tokyo Olympics, when Japan rejoined the international community, so it was necessary to develop a large number of human resources who could support the country.I'm 66 years old now, but when I was a student, there was an atmosphere in the world that "I can do something if I do my best", and everyone's eyes were shining.However, about 50 years have passed since then, and there is an atmosphere among today's society and students that "it can't be helped, and even if you do your best, it can't be helped".It seems that teachers and staff are having a hard time teaching students in such an atmosphere.There are so many problems in the world today that it is difficult to find the answer.Questions that you learn while studying for entrance exams are always questions that have answers.We give predictable problems with such answers and evaluate students based on whether they can solve them, but there are many unsolvable problems in the world.There may be no answer.But I have to do something.Because of this era, I think we should once again evoke the feeling of when Josai University opened and review ourselves.

——It seems that there are currently about 1000 international students enrolled in your school.

Sugibayashi: That's right.At this scale, I think it will be possible to have an experience that can be called "studying abroad on campus."In fact, there are many students who develop their abilities at once by interacting with foreign students after enrolling.It is our role to develop such human resources.On the other hand, foreign students also have various experiences in Japan.For example, in South Korea, when buying vegetables at a greengrocer, it is customary to ask "Do you have good vegetables today?" Instead of greetings, but Korean students who have become accustomed to Japanese life are Japanese. When I asked at a greengrocer, he said, "I don't have any bad vegetables!" (Laughs).There are many such slight differences between Japan and overseas countries.When I was a student, I had to experience a lot of such things.You shouldn't fix the range of your thoughts from a young age.

——You currently have three campuses: Togane Campus and Abo Campus in Chiba Prefecture, and Kioicho Campus in Tokyo.

Sugibayashi: The campuses of Chiba and Tokyo are within an hour or two distance by car or train, but the land and atmosphere are completely different, and the temperament of the students is naturally different.I think there are benefits to knowing both campuses.I also feel that education that is closely linked to the local community is necessary, especially in Togane and Abo.For example, there are many foreign teachers at our university, and there are also many foreign students who are good at English, so we ask them to give special classes at local elementary schools.In addition, the Tokin Campus has medical faculties and departments such as nursing, pharmacy, welfare, and physical therapy, but IPE (professional education) is very important in medical care, so students can work with local people. I would like to provide education that will deepen my understanding of various occupations.

——How is career development education for students conducted at your school?

Sugibayashi: At our university, we have established career development programs with different contents for each faculty and grade so that we can aim to acquire the necessary abilities and qualifications in the future.I think that the learning necessary for career development should be gradually improved to the level for each grade, the level up to the year of the number of members of society, and the level after that.Also, when thinking about what career development is in the first place, it is probably not the amount of knowledge, but the ability to think, judge, and take action when something happens. think.

——Your school has started to introduce a special scholarship system that exempts all or half of the tuition fee for those with high grades in the general entrance examination from 2018. What is the aim?

Sugibayashi: I wanted to hire some strange people who wouldn't have come to Josai International University in the past.When there are people in college who haven't come before, the atmosphere and feelings change considerably.Japanese people tend to dislike having different characteristics.But I was the type who wanted to go to the left alone if everyone went to the right.If there's something interesting on the right side, I'll let everyone know later, so I'll go to the left side and see what everyone can't see.I've always felt that if I did the same thing as a person, I wouldn't win.I myself am a scientist, so when asked "Do I have to be number one?", I answer "yes".However, you can choose anything in that field.If you choose a field where you will be the only one, it will be the number one in that field.I would like to invite some strange people who can see such things.

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——Please tell us about your future direction.

Sugibayashi: It seems that there are about 600 private universities in Japan, but most of them are aimed at Japanese people over the age of 18.In the future, the number of target people will decrease, so if we keep going as it is, we will fall together.After all, the key is to improve the characterization.Josai International University should also promote global education in a wider range of fields, not only in foreign languages ​​but also in foreign cultures.Now, 26 years after its founding, I feel that the soil for that purpose is in place.Because of this difficult time, I want to hit it.

Josai International University
Kenji Sugibayashi
Born in Shiga prefecture in XNUMX
Graduated from Toyama University in XNUMX
Completed the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in XNUMX
In the same year, he was an assistant at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Josai University.
XNUMX Professor of the same department.
April XNUMX Vice President, Josai International University
April XNUMX President, Josai International University


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