Due to the revision accompanying the high school connection reform, the format of the survey form will change from the entrance examination in 2021.As a result, the amount of information contained in the survey will increase.This is expected to increase the burden on high school teachers who prepare survey reports, but in comprehensive selection (former AO entrance exam) and school recommendation type selection (former recommendation entrance exam), the university side that conducts document screening Is likely to be overloaded.In addition, some national and public universities are using the survey reports, which have become rich in information, as pass / fail judgment materials for general selection.Will the handling of survey reports at each university change?And what about the relationship with the portfolio?

The format change will increase the burden on high schools to prepare surveys

 The format of the survey will be changed in order to better evaluate the characteristics and individuality of the students and the history of various learning and activities.As a result, the column of "Matters that can be used as a reference for guidance" on the back of the survey report will be expanded.Originally, the format was changed from the discussion of high school connection reform, but the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology said that if the amount of information on student learning activities described in the survey report is increased, it will be "independent and diverse. You probably thought that it could be used for a multifaceted and comprehensive evaluation of "the attitude of learning in collaboration with people."We have abolished the format restriction of the survey report, which used to be one on both sides, so that it can be described flexibly.Elasticity means that for students who have a lot of information to write, it is possible that the number of surveys will increase to two or three.When making an evaluation, it is possible to consider from various angles when the amount of information is large rather than small.As the amount of information increases for universities, it will be a useful material for multifaceted and comprehensive evaluation.At first glance, it may be a reasonable measure.

 However, as the amount of information provided increases, the amount of work done by high school teachers who prepare surveys will definitely increase.Also, it is good for students who have abundant activity records that can be described, but as the number of entry fields increases, there will be more blanks for students who do not have a special activity history.If there are many blanks, the university that examines the documents will have a poor history of activities, and of course, it may affect the evaluation.In that case, the amount of work of teachers who want to enrich the amount of information described in the survey report will increase more and more.Even if you copy and paste from a collection of multiple patterns of sentences prepared in advance when creating a survey report, the work time will be nearly doubled.


Will the way surveys, which have not been used much in general selection, change?

 Although it is a survey report that is created with more effort than ever before, it is almost qualitative information except for the "status of learning grades (old grade average value of XNUMX-grade evaluation)" and "record of attendance".Therefore, it is quite difficult for the evaluator on the university side to read the activity history and achievements, convert them into points, and use them as materials for pass / fail judgment.This is one of the reasons why the survey report has not been used much as a pass / fail judgment in the general selection of many universities.Since the period from the test implementation to the announcement of pass / fail is short in general selection, there is not enough time to carefully examine each individual's survey report.Until now, in most cases of general selection, the survey form has only been used to confirm the eligibility to take the examination or to convert the "status of learning grades (old grade average value)" into data and use it as data for the IR survey after admission. bottom.

 However, according to the Kawaijuku Educational Examination Information Site Kei-Net, the number of national and public universities that score the survey forms in general selection and use them for pass / fail judgment is increasing (changes in the 2021 national and public university entrance examinations). https://www.keinet.ne.jp/exam/2021/change/k_index.html ).There are not many universities that have announced specific methods for scoring, but the University of Tsukuba has announced that it will not evaluate the superiority or inferiority of the content of the activity, but will only score the presence or absence of the activity. ..This method, which targets only the presence or absence of activity content, can be said to be a well-thought-out method because it will be possible to improve the efficiency of evaluation work by digitizing the survey report scheduled from the 2022 entrance examination.

 However, at other universities, there are notations such as "comprehensively judge and score in combination with the reason for aspiration", so although the percentage of the score of the survey report is small, it is evaluated. I am worried about the ambiguity of the method. It can be inferred that the value of the five-grade evaluation of "Situation of learning grades (old grade average value)" may be converted into points and added as it is, but then the use of the survey report with abundant information Isn't it a bit too simple as a law (although you may be scolded by university practitioners)?

 On the other hand, although many private universities say that they will be used as educational materials after enrollment, there are almost no cases where points are added and used for pass / fail judgments.In connection with this, private universities that ask for input of activities and experiences related to "attitude to learn independently and collaborate with various people" at the time of application are scattered around difficult universities, but private universities. The average magnification of general selection at universities is 4 times.In other words, even if you enter it at the time of application, only 25% of the data that passed will be used, and 75% of the data that failed will not be used.Furthermore, of the 25% that passed, only the data of enrollees will be used, so if you multiply 25% by the average admission procedure rate of 30%, the actual educational material will be for all applicants. 7.5% ...

 By the way, how will the format of the survey report to be changed change?
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