An increasing number of universities are conducting online selections for the 2021 entrance exams and school-recommended selections.Almost all university classes are held online this year, and even in the field of business, video conferences are common after April.From an adult's point of view, online interviews are a natural consequence, but when it comes to selecting enrollees, they may not be as usual as a video conference.One candidate may make a big mistake if he thinks it is about the same as talking to a friend on a LINE video call.This year's examinees should consider that it is more burdensome than usual, not only for interview preparation, but also for improving the communication environment and understanding the operation manual.


Candidates should become accustomed to operating the online conference service in advance

 Zoom is probably the most popular video conference service at the moment.In the field of business, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex Meetings are also popular.There are also Google Meet and Amazon Chime, but most of the university online interviews are likely to be done in Zoom.Candidates undergoing an online interview need to be familiar with the screens and operations of the video conference so as not to panic on the day of the exam.If you are asked to give a presentation for comprehensive selection, you will be able to calm down and demonstrate your abilities if you can share PowerPoint and photos and videos of your own work on the screen.

 There is no big difference in the screen and operation of any video conference service, and the icons of basic operations such as voice off (mute), camera off, screen sharing are similar, so as soon as you use it several times You will get used to it.Actually, if all the universities use the same video conference service, the burden on the examinee will be lighter, but since the correspondence differs depending on the university, the examinee has no choice but to adjust to it.Basically, what you do is the same as LINE's video call, but since it is an examination for enrollment selection, there are various restrictions unlike friends' calls.

 For example, a normal video conference is held between the screens of a personal computer.Therefore, it is assumed that the university that conducts the online interview will naturally take the examination on a personal computer or tablet terminal.Some universities allow you to use your smartphone as part of the entrance examination requirements, but if you receive a phone call or receive a message and the ringtone sounds frequently during the examination, your feelings will obviously be worse.It is also possible that the upper limit of the traffic limit will be reached during the interview test.Also, earphones and headsets with microphones are essential items, so if you don't have them, you need to prepare to purchase them.


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