The popularity of the undergraduate system is law, veterinary, and information.

 From the trends of aspirations by faculty system of the mock exam, looking at the faculties that are popular with the examinees, the information system and the pharmacy system continue to be very popular after the 2021 entrance examination.The information system includes data science departments that have been newly established in recent years, so it can be said that the influence is great.Even if you look at the "List of new universities / additional faculties / departments in 2022" on the university entrance examination information site of Kawaijuku, you can see many new information systems.However, this information system also has various genealogy such as science mathematics, engineering information science, and recent data science.In addition, there is also a social science information system, so students want to calmly choose a faculty without being confused by the popular word data science.

 For example, in the case of data science that can be used in business, you can fully learn by enrolling in a marketing seminar at a traditional school's economics, management, and commerce department.I think this is better than that.Also, if the existing data analysis application software has its limits, data scientists who have studied information science in engineering will create their own analysis software.You can fully study data science even in the traditional faculty of tradition.If the examinee does not know what is new in the newly established data science faculty, he / she may ask the university directly.

 Other than information systems, "jurisprudence" and "veterinarians" are becoming more popular.These two fields were hidden popular fields, such as the small decrease in the number of applicants even in the 2021 entrance examination, but it can be said that they are popular undergraduate systems in the 2022 entrance examination.Even in the Sundai Preparatory School mentioned above, the number of applicants for law is increasing at both national and public universities and private universities.Regarding the popularity of these departments, the media entrance examination article explains that the popularity of law = civil servant-oriented and the popularity of veterinarians = qualification-oriented. Is this true?It was said that this was the case in the 90's, which was said to be the Employment Ice Age, but the selection of faculties for modern examinees is based on the interests and reasons of the students, so it is based on such a simple rule. I don't think it's becoming popular in law and veterinary.It is popular that inequality in the corona disaster, increased sensitivity to human rights issues and social norms, and interest in wildlife conservation affected by environmental destruction and natural disasters are directing students to these areas. Isn't it the reason for this (it can be said that it is an SDGs hypothesis).

Kawaijuku University Entrance Examination Information Site "List of New Universities / Additional Faculty / Departments in 2022"



New law faculties such as information law and human rights

 In the law field, Aoyama Gakuin University is planning to establish a new Department of Human Rights in the Faculty of Law in 2022, but since it is human rights, it will be positioned in the middle of the interests of the examinees according to the SDGs hypothesis mentioned earlier.The newly established faculty department requires time to raise the awareness of the examinees, so it is not yet attracting a lot of attention at this stage, but it is a new department where you can pay attention to how the examinees will react in the future.

 In addition to this, although it is not a new faculty, the Faculty of International Informatics, Chuo University, which was established in 2019, is also uniquely positioned as a faculty dealing with information law.Looking at the curriculum of the Faculty of International Informatics, it looks like a law faculty, but the faculty name does not have "law" and it was established at the same time as the Faculty of International Management. Therefore, there is a suspicion that it is recognized as "international".It seems that the contents of the faculty are not correctly communicated to the examinees, but since it is a faculty that learns the law of information, it can be noticed as a modern new legal field among the popular law departments.

 The high school connection reform has entered its second year, and it seems that it is settling down.However, many admissions analysis experts have a feeling of turmoil, such as expecting that the average score of the common test for university admissions will drop, but on the other hand, the actual number of university applicants is large even if active students and graduates are combined. It is also expected to be below the university admission capacity. There is no doubt that the 2022 entrance exam will be a widespread gate for university entrance exams.

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