It is less than a month before the common test for university admission.Many experts expect the average score for the common test to drop in the second year of admissions reform.Many examinees will be working toward passing the target school, even though they feel uneasy.This time, I will look at the data that aspiring national and public universities may have some hope from the materials of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.



Strong national and public popularity, academic popularity of Bunka Riko

 The results of the mock exams of major prep schools are also available, and the overall trend of the 2022 entrance exams can be seen.A detailed explanation is posted on Kawaijuku's university entrance examination information site Kei-Net, but it seems that the appearance of the 2022 entrance examination will be slightly different from last year, although the influence of the corona sickness remains.

 It can be said that the popularity of national and public universities is steadily increasing in the 2022 entrance examination due to the trend of aspirations for the mock examination.Considering that the actual number of examinees is decreasing, it can be said that it is very popular.In particular, the fact that there are new universities and faculties of interest such as Osaka Public University (integration of Osaka City University and Osaka Prefecture University) and Nara Women's University (Faculty of Engineering) also has an effect.With the establishment of Kawasaki City College of Nursing (capacity 100 people) in the metropolitan area, the hurdles for nursing entrance examinations in the metropolitan area will be lowered a little.

 Due to the unpopularity of "international" faculties, the popularity of the entire liberal arts faculty is declining.However, the popularity of "law science" is high, and the number of applicants is likely to increase widely from difficult universities to general universities.In addition, the popularity of "science," "engineering," "agriculture," and "medical care" is high, and in particular, "agriculture" has been sluggish in recent years.It is thought that the background is the growing awareness of environmental issues, but the popularity of "veterinarians" stands out.The popularity of "information systems" is characterized by growing in all fields of engineering and humanities and sciences.Originally, the enrollment capacity for engineering is large, but the number of undergraduate departments is increasing due to the recent rush of new expansion in the arts and sciences fusion system (almost data science departments), and the range of choices is quite wide.

 Many experts expect the average score for the Common Test for University Admissions to drop, but even if it does, let's keep an eye on the situation (I don't expect it to drop). ..In particular, since this is the first common test for active students, it means that "the average score goes down = below your own target point", so I think you will be mentally depressed, but if the average score goes down, the borderline of each university. Please calm down as it will also drop.Also, high school graduates will be lower than last year's score, so it may be more damaging.Don't think alone, be sure to talk to your tutor, teacher, or prep school class teacher.

Reference: Kawaijuku University Entrance Examination Information Site Kei-Net "Admissions Trend Analysis"


Admission procedure rate as seen from the data released by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

 Every year, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology announces the implementation status of university entrance examinations.It is not a number for each entrance examination method, but a rough data, but it will be helpful.The data will be announced a little later, so the results of the 2020 entrance examination are currently being announced.The 2021 entrance examination results for the first year of high school connection will be announced in the future.


 From the <Overall> table, you can find out the percentage (admission rate) of those who have completed the admission procedure among the successful applicants of national and public universities and private universities.As expected, most people who pass the national university will go through the admission procedure, so the rate is as high as 92.4%.However, a national university with an admission rate of 100% was not an entrance examination for the 2020 academic year.Surprisingly, both the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University are slightly below 100%.Public universities account for 80.9%, and private universities account for 41.7%.In addition, this number includes not only general selection but also general selection and school recommendation type selection, which are almost exclusively applied.Therefore, if you look only at the general selection, the enrollment rate of private universities will drop further.

Reference: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Enrollment Selection Implementation Status Overview of the implementation status for the second year of Reiwa


Surprisingly low enrollment rates at some national and public universities

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