Challenge the university version DX to compete with universities around the world

In 2020, I don't think we've ever been so confronted with what a university is.The reality was that an uncertain situation suddenly happened on a global scale one day.The social issues we have to solve are becoming more and more complex and difficult to solve with traditional methods.Under these circumstances, we believe that Ritsumeikan's mission is to develop human resources who can take on challenges by seriously facing the times and society, as stipulated in the Ritsumeikan Charter, "We will strive to develop human resources who can play an active role as global citizens." ..

From April, the university will take measures against infectious diseases, open the campus completely, and start building a new campus based on face-to-face contact.It's not just going back.Through trial and error for nearly a year, we plan to develop a more advanced campus, "a campus where anyone can learn and learn from each other anytime, anywhere," using technology that has been confirmed to be effective.

In general, it is true that there is a tendency to think of lessons as a binary opposition between real and online, but during this time, many universities have reaffirmed the goodness of online education.Students who cannot come to campus due to circumstances can learn online.With enhanced on-demand distribution, you can review the face-to-face lessons you have taken as many times as you like.Teachers can also review their teaching methods by referring to the teaching materials opened by other teachers.We call the Ritsumeikan version of Campus DX the provision of new learning methods, learning styles, or such new educational venues and frameworks that combine the goodness of online with the real world, and have been actively developing since April. I want to go.

At the beginning, I mentioned that universities are a place for intellectual creation activities, but in the future, fierce competition with domestic and overseas universities is expected, and only those who are serious about it will remain. I think it might be.Looking at the world, more and more young people want to study abroad, not only in East Asia but also in Africa.Of course, it may not be possible to do it overnight, but by further improving our research and inquiry capabilities and focusing on developing human resources who can take on the challenge of solving social issues, we want to aim to become a university of choice for them. I am thinking.

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