The National Center for University Entrance Examinations has announced sample questions for newly established subjects in addition to the subjects and subjects of the Common Test for University Admissions (hereinafter referred to as the Common Test) that correspond to the next course of study for high schools.Each media has taken up a lot about "information", "public", "history synthesis", and "geography synthesis", but there are other points that I would like to pay attention to.It is the subject / subject of the individual entrance examination conducted by each national, public and private university.Above all, whether or not to include "Mathematics C" in the range of questions in the "Information" subject and in liberal arts mathematics is an immediate issue in the entrance examination for the new course.


The published subject / subject framework has the same structure as last year's coverage.

 On March XNUMXth, the National Center for University Entrance Examinations announced the subject / subject <table> of the common test corresponding to the next course of study and sample questions of the newly established subject.The published subjects / subjects have almost the same structure as those reported in some media last year. In addition to "History synthesis + Japanese history exploration", "History synthesis + World history exploration", "Mathematics II, Mathematics B", "Mathematics C" is included in the question range. However, the content that was thought to be a little difficult in reality remained the same.

 The structure is such that the subjects required for the entrance examination are imposed as needed.The published document is said to be a "conclusion as a university entrance examination center" based on the opinions of related organizations, and it is said that it will be decided after discussions with high school and university officials, etc. in the future. It has implications for changeability.

 However, not all subjects are imposed on "Geography Comprehensive / History Comprehensive / Public", but the questions of the contents of two of these subjects are to be selected and answered, or "Physics Basics / Chemistry Basics / Biology Basics / Since "Basics of Physics" is supposed to select and answer the questions of the contents of two subjects from these, and the contents are acceptable to the high school site, it seems that there will be no change from the published contents. ..

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National Center for University Entrance Examinations "About the subjects / subjects from the Common Test for University Admissions in Reiwa, which corresponds to the 30 Notification High School Curriculum Guidelines"


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