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Establishment of the Department of Global Symbiosis, Faculty of Global Symbiosis

 Kansai Gaidai University has a campus with international students from about 40 countries around the world.Since its founding, the school has been founded on the principles of “cultivating well-educated human resources who can contribute to the international community” and “practical learning that responds to the needs of the times and society based on a fair worldview”. We have produced many talented people.

 Based on these achievements, the Department of International Symbiosis, Faculty of Global Symbiosis, will open in April 2023 with the aim of further developing global human resources.Focusing on cultivating the knowledge and mindset necessary to work with people of diverse cultural backgrounds and values ​​to solve the various problems faced by the international community in an era of unpredictability. It is said that it is placed.

Professor Linda Boaker, who is scheduled to be appointed head of the Department of Global Symbiosis, Faculty of Global Symbiosis, reveals her expectations for the establishment of the new department.

 “I think there are three elements of a global human resource. One is knowledge to understand the global society. The second is a mindset. I want you to have a mindset of aiming for both passion and personal growth on a personal level.

 It's important to think about issues in the international community, talk with friends, and read the news, but I don't want them to stop there, I want them to acquire the ability to take action."

 In this department, foreign teachers are in charge of most of the classes, and all classes are conducted in English.In order to be active in the global society, it is necessary to think and communicate in English.Therefore, the aim is to acquire practical English skills in four years.In addition, 4 of the 100 seats are planned to be transfer students from North America, allowing them to put themselves in an environment where they use English on a daily basis and have discussions.



Become a person who finds his or her own role in the international community and brings about change in society through knowledge and practice

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Opened a new faculty / department *!Fostering human resources who can play an active role in the international community

Kansai Gaidai University, which develops a variety of study abroad programs through a network of 55 universities in 395 countries and regions around the world, dispatches approximately 2,000 students a year to study abroad to meet the needs of students.Also, in April 2023, the Faculty of International Symbiosis, which will take all courses in English for four years, and the next […] that makes full use of English and digital.

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