The Department of Mass Communication, Faculty of Media and Communication, Edogawa University offers classes that emphasize practice.We interviewed Professor Hiroshi Kanda (in charge of the journalism course), the head of the department, about this initiative.



In the Department of Mass Communication, the students of Professor Kanda's seminar will interview the sports club designated as a strengthening club at Edogawa University, and once a year, they will announce their activities in the Edogawa University sports newspaper "Spoed".

 “The premise that it will be read by people outside the school is very important. It is a sports newspaper written by a student, and although it does not receive that many reactions, even so, the students feel the fear of putting it out into the world. I think it's very important to ask yourself whether this is really the right thing to do before you publish it," says Professor Kanda.

 When producing a newspaper, a department is assigned, and each student becomes a reporter and follows the activities of that department.I think about the layout of the page for the department I am in charge of, and the group of reporters in charge conducts interviews, takes photos, writes articles, summarizes the materials, and finishes them on the page.

 With the cooperation of Sports Nippon Shimbun, the paper was created by sending articles and layouts in advance. Let me use a computer to finish it.Sports paper has a dynamic and unique layout that is different from general paper, but dedicated software is essential for that.



 Regarding how to make a page, I will receive a lecture in advance from the desk in charge of Edogawa University at Sports Nippon Shimbun.What you see there is a photo cut and pasted on actual newspaper-sized paper and handwritten with an image of the finished product. Even with the advent of IT, the fact that students are actually creating handwritten rough sketches is a new experience for students, and it is a valuable opportunity to learn the process directly from a professional.

 You will also receive lectures on photography and photography from photographers who have won the Japan Newspaper Association Award and the Photojournalists Association Award.Sports photography in particular is a job that requires a high degree of expertise that cannot be taken without knowing not only the equipment, but also the rules and flow of the competition.

 “Sports newspapers should be something that anyone can refer to casually and enjoy reading as entertainment. That's what I'm telling you," says Professor Kanda.

 For example, if the person who writes the comedy script writes it sloppily, it will never make people laugh.Whether it's politics, the economy, sports, or the arts, if you don't invest serious effort into researching it, you won't be able to enjoy it casually.Isn't this a fact common to manufacturing in general?

 About 3,500 copies of "Spoed" are printed, distributed at high schools and open campuses, and are said to run out in no time.



 In addition to this, the Kanda seminar supports the activities of the Nagareyama Rugby Club, and as one of the community contribution activities, it also plays a role in public relations, such as supporting event holding, taking photos for the official website, and writing articles.


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