List of Graduate Schools
Graduate School of Human SocietyHuman Studies Major (Master) Correspondence Capacity: 60 students
Practical Welfare Studies Major (Master) Correspondence Capacity: 10 students
Graduate School of Buddhist StudiesBuddhist Studies Major (Master) Correspondence Capacity: 20 students
Graduate School of Environmental StudiesEnvironmental Management Major (Master's) Correspondence Capacity: 10 students

Contact information, address, etc.
Zip Code202-8585
Address1-1-20 Shinmachi, Nishitokyo-shi, Tokyo
DepartmentCorrespondence Education Office
Phone number042-468-3482

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Musashino University Article List

Bring back the “Summer Koshien 3 years ago” that was canceled due to the corona sickness Collect 1000 former high school baseball players to hold the tournament on November 11

 Musashino University Entrepreneurship Faculty (Musashino EMC) 3rd year student Yuto Otake is the founder of “Regain that summer National former high school ball […]

Musashino University to Open Japan's First Faculty of Well-Being in 2024 (Planning to Establish)

 In April 2024, Musashino University will open Japan's first Faculty of Wellbeing on its Musashino Campus (under construction).Dean […]

To acquire the power to move people and change society [Dekir! Department] Musashino University Faculty of Engineering Department of Sustainability (established in April 2023)

Musashino University Faculty of Engineering will reorganize the Department of Environment Systems next spring, and will be the first in Japan to have a new department named "Sustainability" [...]

Musashino University concludes an agreement with Tokyo to revitalize the area by students moving into metropolitan housing

 Tokyo Metropolitan Housing and Musashino […] to revitalize Tokyo Metropolitan Housing, which is having an adverse effect on local communities such as the decline of residents' association activities due to the aging of the population.

In April 2023, Musashino University opened the Department of Sustainability, Faculty of Engineering (under construction)

 Musashino University will open the "Department of Sustainability, Faculty of Engineering (under construction)" on April 2023, 4 on the Ariake Campus.Sustainable […]

Musashino University Article List