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Hokkaido University, Chukyo University, Unicharm Mask that makes your face look attractive

 Associate Professor Junichiro Kawahara of Hokkaido University and Assistant Professor Yuki Miyazaki of Chukyo University collaborated with Unicharm Co., Ltd. on whether or not to wear a mask and the color of the mask […]

Hokkaido University Pain exacerbates neurological illness

 Professor Masaaki Murakami of Hokkaido University and colleagues used mice that developed a neurological disease called multiple sclerosis disease (EAE), and pain exacerbated the symptoms of the disease […]

Awarded Ship of the Year 2014 Hokkaido University "Oshoromaru"

 The training ship "Oshoromaru" attached to the Faculty of Fisheries, Hokkaido University is "Ship of the Year 2014 […]" sponsored by the Japan Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.

Pest identification by image recognition, system development by Hokkaido University

Media Dynamics Laboratory (Professor Miki Haseyama), Graduate School of Informatics, Hokkaido University and NEC Solution Innovators for Information Systems Development (East […]]

New platinum catalyst from Hokkaido University installed in Hitachi's new refrigerator

 On July 7, Hokkaido University announced that the "Platinum Catalyst" technology from the same university will be installed in the new household refrigerator of Hitachi Appliances released in August […].

Elucidation of the production pathway of the first optically active amino acid in the Hokkaido University universe

 Professor Naoki Watanabe's group at Hokkaido University has confirmed through experiments that optically active amino acids can be produced at a low temperature of -261 ° C.Ah […]
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