List of articles by Chiba University

Waseda University, Chiba University, Nagoya University of Commerce as Intensive Education Program Promotion School

 The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has announced an intensive education program for human resources development projects that support a knowledge-intensive society at Waseda University, Chiba University, and Nagoya University of Commerce […]

Chiba University's rating experiment that the strength to feel the taste changes depending on the color of the drink container

 Kazuya Okada (2019 graduate) and Professor Makoto Ichikawa of Chiba University said that the color of the container has the effect of emphasizing or weakening the specific taste of the beverage […].

ZOZO, Chiba University, and Altiri Chiba collaborate on utilizing ZOZOSUIT2

 ZOZO, which operates the fashion mail-order site "ZOZOTOWN", and the professional basketball club "Altiri Chiba" […]

Keio University, Mita Campus New Corona Vaccination Vaccination Venue

 From June 2021, 6, inoculation of the new coronavirus vaccine at the university will begin.Of these, the school corporation that operates Keio University […]

Wind power growth in 2019 exceeds solar power, the first time since the introduction of FIT

 The growth rate of domestic wind power generation and geothermal power generation, which started operation in 2019, exceeded that of solar power generation, which is the Graduate School of Social Sciences, Chiba University […]

Concluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Sumida Ward, Tokyo, Chiba University, and Japan Electronics College

 Sumida-ku, Tokyo, was opened in April 2020 in the Bunka district of Sumida-ku by the Information Management Innovation Professional University operated by Japan Electronics College. 4 […]

Discovered by Chiba University, an unknown tardigrade that lives in the snow of Japan

 A research group led by Professor Nozomi Takeuchi of Chiba University Graduate School discovered a bear beetle that lives in the snow of Mt. Gassan in Yamagata Prefecture.Actively active in the snow […]

Chiba University, new campus in Sumida-ku, Tokyo on the 100th anniversary of the Faculty of Engineering

 Chiba University will open the Sumida Satellite Campus in Bunka, Sumida-ku, Tokyo in April 100 to commemorate the 2021th anniversary of the Faculty of Engineering.The history of a local company […]

Chiba University develops safe and inexpensive organic synthesis method, drug development accelerates with iodine produced in Chiba

 Research group by Satoshi Wata of Chiba University (2nd year master's program at Graduate School) and Takuya Hashimoto (Chiba Iodine Resources Innovation Center)

The length of time felt is determined by cognitive "effort" rather than the number of events, demonstrated by Chiba University

 Professor Makoto Ichikawa's research group at Chiba University recognizes that the time felt is not the number of events experienced, but "experienced" the events. […]
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