List of articles about universities in Miyagi prefecture

Humans and AI collaborate to guarantee the quality of automatic scoring of descriptive answers, and Tohoku University builds a framework

 A research group led by Hiroaki Funayama, a researcher (doctoral course) at the Graduate School of Tohoku University, is working on automatic scoring of descriptive answers by artificial intelligence (AI) […]

Tohoku University Holds Online Workshop on Quantum Computing

 From September 2022, 9, the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Tohoku University will hold a workshop/tutorial on quantum computing […]

Taste Rehabilitation Succeeds in Improving Taste Sensitivity Toho University, etc.

 A joint research group of Toho University School of Medicine and Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine has developed a rehabilitation method for taste, and is the first in the world to […]

Tohoku University analyzes that paternal aging affects the vocal behavior of neonatal mice

 Neonatal mouse ultrasonic vocalizations function as social signals for vocal communication to induce maternal behavior, and human neonatal crying […]

Discovery of a new function of vitamin K: suppression of ferroptosis, “lipid oxidation cell death”

 It was found that vitamin K has a strong inhibitory effect on ferroptosis (lipid oxidation cell death).Tohoku University and the German Helmholtz Center […]

Developed by Hosei University, etc., the latest prototype of the soft sofa-type vehicle "Poimo" with a balloon structure

 The joint research group of Hosei University, Meiji University, Miyagi University, the University of Tokyo, and Mercari, Inc. has been called “poimo” […]

Tohoku University investigates family problems caused by the corona crisis, such as domestic violence and child abuse

 Smokers are more likely to be abused by their spouses, and parents with preschool children are more likely to be abused.Tohoku University […]

Early detection of glaucoma with games Tohoku University and Sendai Broadcast jointly developed an app

 For the purpose of early detection of glaucoma, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine and Sendai Broadcasting have developed a smartphone that allows you to check the state of your visual field in a short time and in a game-like manner […]

What is spintronics? [Professor Hideo Ohno, President of Tohoku University]

 The shortage of semiconductors is casting a shadow over the manufacturing of automobiles and electrical products, but this is due to the delay in supply from overseas due to the corona crisis, while domestic manufacturing bases are shrinking […]
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