List of articles about universities in Miyagi prefecture

What is spintronics? [Professor Hideo Ohno, President of Tohoku University]

 The shortage of semiconductors is casting a shadow over the manufacturing of automobiles and electrical products, but this is due to the delay in supply from overseas due to the corona crisis, while domestic manufacturing bases are shrinking […]

Tohoku University's Entrepreneurship Education Program Selected for Mitsubishi Foundation's Subsidized Project

 Tohoku University's entrepreneurship education program for high school students and first- and second-year university students, which Tohoku University is promoting from this year, is a subsidized project of the Mitsubishi Mirai Iku […]

Tohoku University and NEC carry out a demonstration experiment of "educational digital ID using my number card"

 Tohoku University and NEC have used the My Number Card to transform education by promoting DX (Digital Transformation) […]

What's happening in the brain when provoked and overly aggressive

 Male Mau […] so that humans feel frustrated and aggressive when they are maliciously directed by others or receive some kind of provocation (social provocation).

Visualize changes in the metropolitan area with human flow data Tohoku University, Kagawa University, etc.

 Takaaki Aoki, Faculty of Education, Kagawa University, Shota Fujishima, Graduate School of Economics, Hitotsubashi University, Naoya Fujiwara, Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University […]

Developed by Tohoku University, an almost transparent solar cell that allows 80% of visible light to pass through

 The research group of Associate Professor Toshiaki Kato of Tohoku University Graduate School is "Transition Metal Daikal Kogenai […]" which is a transparent and flexible semiconductor atomic sheet.

Tohoku University holds a university preparatory course for high school students and graduates with developmental disabilities on August 8

 Tohoku University will be held on August 8th at the Kawauchi Kita Campus in Kawauchi, Aoba-ku, Sendai, for high school students and graduates who have developmental disabilities and wish to go on to university. […]

QS World University Rankings, Top 100, 5 domestic schools including the University of Tokyo

 The University of Tokyo, Kyoto […] ranked in the top 2023 in the 100 World University Rankings compiled by the international higher education evaluation institution, Quaquarelli Simmons.

World's first open data release of fish survey using environmental DNA

 Big data "Anemone database" that accumulates the survey results of fish living in the water area using environmental DNA collected from the water of the sea and rivers […]
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