List of articles on universities in Toyama Prefecture

Identification of the causative agent of itching in atopic dermatitis, and improvement of itching with an inhibitor

 A research group at Toyama University and Saga University has discovered that periostin is the causative substance that causes itching in atopic dermatitis […]

Determining the difference between a caldera volcano and a stratovolcano, the world's first result by Kochi University and Toyama University

 An international joint research group led by Dr. Yuji Sano, Director of the Ocean Core Research Center at Kochi University, and Project Assistant Professor Shogo Kagoshima at the University of Toyama, is working on a caldera volcano and […]

The relationship between roof snow-related accidents and weather in Toyama Prefecture, University of Toyama creates warning standards

 A group led by Associate Professor Yukiyuki Sugiura of the University of Toyama clarified the relationship between roof snow-related accidents and meteorological factors in Toyama Prefecture based on previous research in Yamagata Prefecture […]

The prevalence of angina pectoris and myocardial infarction in men doubled in small and medium-sized enterprises: University of Toyama analysis

 A research group led by Associate Professor Masaaki Yamada and Professor Michikazu Sekine of the Organization for Promotion of Regional Collaboration at the University of Toyama analyzed health checkup data in Toyama Prefecture, and found that it was constricted […]

Pet ownership during pregnancy: Dogs are good for mothers, but cats are bad

 A research group led by Kenta Matsumura, a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toyama, used data from a national survey on children's health and the environment (Eco-Children's Survey) […]

Study by University of Toyama on relationship between difficulty falling asleep and lifestyle habits in junior and senior high school students

 Due to the corona crisis, both adults and children are going through a difficult time mentally and physically due to the disruption of their lifestyles and various stresses.University of Toyama regional cooperation promotion […]

For elderly people with a lot of activity, "more outings" is more important than the length of time they go out.

Ichi Uemura, Graduate School of Rehabilitation, Osaka Public University, says that the more elderly people go out, the more physical activity they need to maintain their health. […]

Former Toyama Mayor's proposal for local railway policy, published in academic journals

 Former Toyama Mayor Masashi Mori, a visiting professor at the University of Toyama, has published a paper entitled "Research on the Achievements and Issues of Railway Track Policy by Local Governments" in the academic journal "Actual […].

Omega 3 fatty acid, male intake reduces violence against spouse Toyama University

 Toyama University Academic […] shows that men who consume a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids contained in blue-backed fish have a low risk of violence against their spouse.

If the university plays that role, the future will be decided ── What is the importance of local ESG?

 The keynote speech at the COC + R National Symposium was given by Kenji Fuma, CEO of Neural Co., Ltd., "Local ESG, so far […]
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