List of articles about universities in Yamanashi Prefecture

Yamanashi University succeeded in producing cloned mouse from freeze-dried somatic cells

 A research group led by Assistant Professor Kiyoka Wakayama of the University of Yamanashi is the first to produce cloned animals from somatic cells that have been freeze-dried for a long time […].

Yamanashi University and Chiba Institute of Technology conclude a comprehensive cooperation agreement and cooperate in human resource development

 Yamanashi University held a ceremony to conclude a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Chiba Institute of Technology at the Omura Memorial Hall of the Yamanashi University Satoshi Omura Memorial Academic Center in Takeda, Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture.

Aging changes in the fascia located in the deepest part of the face cause sagging Succeeded in the world's first quantification

 The superficial fascia (SMAS), which is a structure peculiar to the face and exists in the deepest part of the skin, is thinned by aging and causes sagging in previous studies […]

Distance learning in the AI ​​field to Yamanashi University and 4 universities in Ukraine

 The University of Yamanashi has begun online distance learning for Ukrainian students who cannot take classes due to the Russian military invasion.Delivery destination is Hull […]

+ R aims to build a “causal model” for local employment

 "University-based Regional Revitalization Human Resources Education Program Construction Project (COC + R)" held on February 2022, 2, nationwide in the 13rd year of Reiwa […]

"Glia switch" that induces misconnection of neural circuits and causes chronic pain

 A research group at the University of Yamanashi has clarified the mechanism by which neuropathic pain develops and its "switch."

Innovation will be created by interacting with the university for the rest of your life, and you will move toward social retention.

 Workshop 3 […] was held under the theme of what innovation the university causes and how to establish it in the community.

If the university plays that role, the future will be decided ── What is the importance of local ESG?

 The keynote speech at the COC + R National Symposium was given by Kenji Fuma, CEO of Neural Co., Ltd., "Local ESG, so far […]

Reiwa 3rd COC + R National Symposium “Producing” human resources from universities is the key to regional revitalization

 The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's "University-based Regional Revitalization Human Resources Education Program Construction Project (COC + R)", the national symposium for the 3rd year of Reiwa, will be held in 2022 […]

Introduced Yamanashi University's medical version DX to all new Yamanashi corona patients

 While the Omicron strain of the new coronavirus is rampant in Japan, Yamanashi University has developed it at Yamanashi University for all new corona patients that have occurred in Yamanashi Prefecture […]
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